This blog post is a consolidated report of my GSoC ’21 project. I’ve been contributing to ndcube - a sunpy affiliated package, which is itself a part of the umbrella organization called openastronomy. Phew, that’s quite some hierarchy.

Here’s a list of pull requests that I’ve opened during the coding…

The last few days haven’t been as productive as earlier. We fixed some issues with the NDCubeSequence’s stacking PR and it looks like it’s ready to merge now. With some feedback from the community, I think it will happen soon. …

First and foremost, I celebrate the merging of the PR that brings reproject to NDCube! It defines a base-level functionality or MVP if you want to call it that, along with some relevant documentation. We also mark the release of ndcube’s 2.0 RC1. This is an important milestone since ndcube…

So here I am, a month into the coding period and at the onset of the first evaluation. I talked about what my project was in the last blog, and I’ll use this one to cover the progress we’ve made.

All the work so far has been compiled into 3…

I had been eyeing Google Summer of Code last year (and the year before that), but never really got around to doing anything about it. It’s a wonderful learning experience and being in my final year of college this was the last opportunity I was going to get. …

Yeah, never thought I’d be writing a guide that explains how to sign out of something. After all, RealVNC Server does not have a Sign Out button for some ungodly reason.

Anyway, it turns out that all you need to do is delete a file that stores these credentials.

If you’re on Linux, you will find it at /root/.vnc/config.d/vncserver-x11.d/CloudCredentials.bed. Delete it with

sudo rm /root/.vnc/config.d/vncserver-x11.d/CloudCredentials.bed

For Windows, the file will be at


If not here, you can refer to this video to find the location.

Adwait Bhope

An optimist entering this quirky field of Software Engineering.

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